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Our Philosophy

Building outstanding products requires a carefully crafted vision and plan, broad knowledge and skills, the right tools and resources, and experience acquired only through years of trial-and-error to minimize missteps and mitigate risk. To that end, attempting to build successful products is like attempting to ascend the world’s highest peaks.

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How Altus Nova works

High-performance + rigorous process

We are an experienced enterprise agile team that helps you rapidly deliver outstanding products to market. Expect high performance with rigor, clear process, and predictable delivery using Agile best practices.

Comfort with ambiguity

We’re known for our ability to deliver high value to our partners in the midst of ambiguous needs or uncertain markets. Our QuickStart Discovery process allow us to quickly generate business value by defining clear objectives and deliverables.

Experience where you need it

Our team represents a balanced mix of high-performing Fortune 500 technologists and successful serial entrepreneurs. Our success is rooted in our ownership mentality: we offer ownership perspective and execution as if our business depends upon the products success, because it does!

We’ve been in your shoes and we’ve built successful products for every stage of businesses, from bootstrap startups to established enterprise brands.

“We should have hired Altus Nova on day one. Despite a nice front-end user experience, our backend faced constant stability and performance issues. Altus Nova was able to completely rewrite our back end in 3 months, addressing the security, scalability, and reliability issues while salvaging nearly the entire frontend.”

Adam MckinstrieCOO, AngelSpan

Configure your team

Efficient teams - tailored to your needs

Your team is configured to fulfill the project scope both in size and skillset.

Resource Variability


What is Full Stack Product Development?

In software, a full stack developer is an individual that is competent in all facets of software: servers, networks, environments, databases, APIs, UI/ UX development, QA, security, etc. In reality, any single individual that checks every single box with sufficient expertise is a rarity, which is why we build teams to provide sufficient proficiency and focus to complete the required work. However, technology expertise alone is inadequate for launching successful products. Success requires a mastery of a broad stroke of skills that define full-stack product development across 6 distinct segments.

Full Stack Success