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What if you could capture ecommerce upside for your business?

What if you could take sales from limping along online to omnichannel selling at scale — and what if custom ecommerce software could unlock breakthrough levels of competitive advantage?

Today, ecommerce can do more than save time, energy, and money. Ecommerce innovations are transforming business models to fuel 10x growth.

Most businesses cannot find their ecommerce breakthrough without guidance. Altus Nova pairs meticulous discovery with impeccable custom software development to provide clarity, confidence, and rational roadmaps from ecommerce vision to profitable reality.

What’s your vision?

Whether you’re facing product or transaction complexities, workflow challenges or the need to serve an exclusive audience, you need a custom software development partner with the proven ability to find ecommerce breakthroughs. We are that partner.


We needed a customized solution for our ecom store and almost gave up on the idea after several developers said it was impossible. We turned to the team at Altus Nova and they executed to perfection. The custom feature they built for us is now responsible for over 70% of our online revenue.”

Mark P.
Mark P., Founder & CEO, Chinook Seedery
Meet Orangetheory

Meet Orangetheory

Doing something impressive.


Support consistent brand experiences across diverse franchises with streamlined ecommerce


Crawl-walk-run roadmap from no in-house ecommerce to scalable “franchise-focused ecommerce”


Despite covid impacts, beta build attracted 600+ studios and sees $400K in monthly purchases

Meet Tourstream

Meet Tourstream

Transforming group tourism


Group tour technology — think clunky radio headsets — are difficult to maintain and fail to match consumer expectations


Apply mobile technology to facilitate easy tour sign up, elevated audio, and enable 2-way communications, media sharing, and even tipping


An app specially designed for tour guides and tour attendees that saves time and provides a bar-setting experience for all

Meet Neufit

Meet Neufit

A physical therapy innovator


Help more patients heal by guiding them in the proper use of Neufit’s proprietary tool


A point-and-click experience that instantly shares exacting symptom data with physical therapists


A HIPAA compliant solution that connects patients and PTs, and sets Neufit apart from the competition


We love a good
ecommerce challenge

How might custom software transform your business? New revenue streams. Better customer experiences. Fewer errors and more insights. Let’s discuss your pain points, your vision, and ways to beat your blockers. We’ve solved for:

Platform and Product Catalog

  • Direct-to-consumer, B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
  • Marketplace to proprietary ecommerce
  • Complex product catalog
  • Complex product attributes
  • Digital vs physical products
  • Subscriptions and subscription management
  • Proprietary or multi-store ecommerce
  • Gray market compliance
Platform and Product Catalog


  • Product recommendations
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Upsell, resell, cross-sell
  • Virtual bundling
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Loyalty programs
  • User experience improvements
  • Multivariate testing

Transaction Handling

  • Payment processing
  • Refunds and returns management
  • Configure-to-order
  • Order history and re-orders
  • Auctions
Transaction Handling

Fulfillment and Delivery

  • Inventory management
  • Complex order routing
  • Cross-border ecommerce
  • Shipping optimization
  • Order tracking
Fulfillment and Delivery

Intelligent integration is our specialty

What’s in your tech stack? Chances are you have a mix of legacy systems, new tools, and the potential to simplify and amplify through custom software development. Some of the ecommerce services technologies we’ve worked with include:

  • Product information management systems (PIMS)
  • Order management systems (OMS)
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)

Altus Nova gave us a stepping-stone approach to reliably execute ecommerce across the myriad of product lines, customer groups, partners, and suppliers that our global business has to manage.”

Devin L., VP of Strategy, Orangetheory Fitness

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