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What if you could discern opportunity, take on-target action, and always know the next best move to make across your properties?

What if proptech could help you pair human ability with the best technologeis to unlock breakthrough levels of competitive advantage?

Today, proptech does more than save time, energy, and money. Proptech innovations are transforming business models to fuel 10x growth.

Most businesses cannot find their proptech breakthrough without guidance. Altus Nova pairs meticulous discovery with impeccable custom software development to provide clarity, confidence, and rational roadmaps from proptech vision to profitable reality.

What’s your vision?

Whether you’re facing environmental challenges, overlooked data insights, or the need to digitize manual processes, you need a custom software development partner with the proven ability to find proptech breakthroughs. We are that partner.


The best thing about working with Altus Nova is their ability to assess business opportunity and technology to find the best possible path from idea to custom software. We knew what we wanted and why. Altus Nova helped us create a rational, step-by-step roadmap to get there while capturing growth all along the way.”

Daniel P
Daniel P, VP of Product, Snap.Build
Meet Facility Solutions Group

Meet Facility Solutions Group

Doing something impressive.


Tech teams were already swamped when a big, fast-moving growth opportunity came from Apple


Quickly learned the business and built a winning solution for Apple, allowing internal teams to focus on other business needs


Delivered 100% on time and on budget + readily transitioned to internal teams as they gained capacity

Meet Snap.Build

Meet Snap.Build

Building better construction lending.


Snap.Build needed a new development team to help them transform speculative vertical construction lending.


Altus Nova developed a phased roadmap from vision to product, forging executive alignment and proposing a rational budget.


Launched phases enable builders to align with lenders, manage vendors, and document completed work so everyone gets paid, fast.


We love a good proptech challenge

How might custom software transform your business? More efficient assets management. Faster cashflow. More insights. Let’s discuss your pain points, your vision, and ways to beat your blockers. We’ve solved for:

Property Management

  • Lease management
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tenant communication
  • Property accounting
  • Work order management
  • Asset tracing
  • Space management
Property Management

Facility & Space Management

  • Space utilization and optimization
  • Occupancy tracking
  • Room booking and scheduling
  • Visitor management
  • Desk and workspace management
  • Health and safety compliance
Facility & Space Management

Smart Buildings & Automation

  • Energy management, monitoring, and optimization
  • IoT for buildings
  • Smart home technology
  • Security systems
  • Access countrol
Smart Buildings & Automation

Sustainability and Green Building

  • Energy efficient building solutions
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Waste management
  • Carbon footprint monitoring
  • LEED certification
  • Sustainable materials and practices
  • Green building compliance
Sustainability and Green Building

Real Estate Analytics

  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Investment analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Market and trend research
  • Property portfolio management
Real Estate Analytics

Real Estate Transactions

  • Property listings
  • Property valuation
  • Online property search
  • Virtual property tours
  • Document signing
  • Contract, title, and deed management
Real Estate Transactions

Construction and Project Management

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Construction progress tracking
  • Material and equipment management
  • Quality control
  • Construction safety
Construction and Project Management

Intelligent integration is our specialty

What’s in your tech stack? Chances are you have a mix of legacy systems, new tools, and the potential to simplify and amplify through custom software development. Some of the property services technologies we’ve worked with include:

  • Building automation systems (BAS)
  • Workplace experience platforms
  • Real estate crowd funding platforms
  • Construction collaboration platforms
  • Building information modeling (BIM)

We needed a team that was rigorous about design, documentation, and process reliability to take over certain components of our roadmap, then define, develop, and integrate them into our existing tech stack - all while maintaining the level of quality we expect from our internal engineers. With Altus Nova's help, when the two new critical modules were transitioned to our engineers, the hand-off was seamless. 

Adam H., Chief Product Officer,

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