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Dealing with injury, surgery, or chronic pain can be overwhelming. Symptoms happen when they happen, regardless of what’s in the appointment book. Physical therapy innovator Neufit said “no more,” by empowering people to take control of healing at home.


Neufit is a rapidly growing, next-generation physical therapy company with 250+ practices and 1500+ certified practitioners. Their mission is to reduce chronic pain and help people recover faster from injury or surgery using patented electrical stimulation technology to achieve breakthrough results.

When Neufit told me they would be able to guide me remotely to effectively use a tool that would keep my healing going without taking time to make an in-person visit, I was beyond impressed. I felt truly cared for.

Neufit Customer


Neufit innovates physical therapy by helping people help themselves. Neufit’s treatment plans include the use of the Neufit Neubie, a patented tool that delivers precisely targeted electrical stimulation. When properly placed, signals from the Neubie prompt the body to heal itself. The FDA has approved the Neufit Neubie to:

  • Increase or maintain range of motion
  • Increase local blood circulation
  • Re-educate neuromuscular pathways
  • Reduce spasms and prevent atrophy
  • Prevent venous thrombosis after surgery
  • Manage or relieve chronic pain
  • Manage post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain

The Neubie is so easy to use, patients can apply it at home for better pain relief and faster healing. Naturally, Neufit wanted to launch the Neubie to their practitioners and patients as soon as possible. But, the company had no in-house digital product strategy, management, or development capabilities.

Neufit needed a team of digital product experts to collaborate seamlessly with business leads, and to define and build a 100% HIPAA compliant solution that would make practitioners and patients successful. Altus Nova was ready.


To help Neufit empower patients and practitioners on an expedited timeline, Altus Nova made sure to ask the right questions. Working closely with Neufit practitioners, we uncovered the actual patient engagement experience.

We learned that Neufit practitioners would need to easily communicate with remote patients — even those unfamiliar with medical terminology — to deliver the right relief. Practitioners needed to:

  • Clarify whether patients are feeling pain, diminished or lack of sensation, or spasticity
  • Understand both the bodily location and the intensity of the issue
  • Guide patients in placing the Neubie for effective relief

It became apparent that a visual solution — including a body map pre-programmed with common pain and treatment scenarios — would be critical to ensuring understanding between patients and practitioners.

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