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FSG won a dream client — but that meant evolving to meet their next-level facilities management needs, fast. To push its bar-setting remote systems management platform forward, FSG needed a custom software development partner to operate in parallel, deliver impeccable quality, and make everyone proud.


Texas-based Facilities Solutions Group (FSG) is an industry leader in providing smart equipment and management for commercial facilities — think HVAC to lighting, refrigeration to security — with 10,000+ facilities under management. National brands like Apple, Circle K, Walgreens, and Home Depot trust FSG to make managing these critical systems as easy and efficient as possible.

As the leading remote facility management solution provider for Fortune 1000 companies, FSG needed a team that met our rigorous standards for design, documentation, and process reliability to take over certain components of our roadmap, then define, develop, and integrate them into our tech stack — all while maintaining the level of quality we expect from our internal engineers.

Justin McCullough, Chief Product Officer, FSG


FSG won the opportunity to serve Apple’s systems management needs at a 500,000 square foot facility. But to meet the new contract’s requirements, FSG needed to speed ahead with the digital twin functionality on their platform roadmap. FSG needed to let facility administrators:

  • Visualize where each system, sensor, or piece of equipment physically exists in the facility
  • Manage all systems from a centralized location including real-time issue or outage identification
  • Guide personnel to the precise equipment in need of maintenance and verify service completion

FSG’s in-house development team was already swamped. But FSG knew that digital twin features would not only secure the opportunity with Apple — they would be invaluable in serving clients like Walgreens, Home Depot, Circle K, and more into the future.

To launch new functionality in time to satisfy Apple, FSG needed more hands. Though FSG is extremely selective, the third party development partner they had onboard delivered nothing but delays and budget overruns. FSG was left with a dwindling budget and a rapidly approaching deadline. That’s when FSG asked Altus Nova to step in.

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