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When logistics is on the roadmap, invest wisely

Imagine you have the greenlight to invest in new capabilities to capture competitive advantage. What’s your next move? If you’re a thoughtful innovator like ACI Logistix, you take a moment to map your optimal route from big investment to sustainable ROI.


ACI Logistix is a rapidly growing parcel logistics and delivery organization with a national footprint and sustained double-digit growth. This innovative company focuses on small parcel delivery within the US for a variety of clients both domestic and international.

The Altus Nova team helped ACI Logistix establish, stress-test, and validate numerous potential business strategies critical to our growth, to align those strategies with relevant technologies, and to ultimately gain a thorough understanding of what it would take for us to implement them.”

Kevin Collins, President, ACI Logistix


ACI Logistix is growing. As the pandemic unfolded, ACI Logistix saw opportunities to innovate as consumer appetite for delivery boomed. How might ACI grow business with clients whose products required special handling?

From express deliveries to temperature controlled products, returns, and dispositions, ACI’s current infrastructure and partners did not support the specialized services ACI customers were asking for.

Executive leadership stood ready to make a significant innovation investment — but they wanted to do so wisely. Rather than rushing down an unknown road, ACI Logistix hired Altus Nova to help the team:

  • Explore and model available options for handling specialized deliveries.
  • Understand the organizational capabilities required to execute reliably.
  • Rationalize the budget, timing, and size-of-opportunity needed to do so profitably.

ACI Logistix sees innovation as a way to grow. But they also wanted to avoid potential missteps with a clear picture of required business transformations to get from idea to ROI. Altus Nova jumped in to map it out.


Altus Nova began with an extensive analysis of the company’s current operations based on real-world data. A series of executive interviews, in-depth sessions with front-line personnel, and site visits to both ACI Logistix and partner facilities ensued.

To investigate potential service augmentation and development scenarios, Altus Nova also compared the feasibility of logistics models popularized by providers such as Uber Eats, Roadie, and DoorDash.

Meticulous documentation and ongoing collaboration kept the whole team updated as Altus Nova investigated. From facility operations to sorting, staging, pickup, tracking, exception handling, and returns, Altus Nova left no detail undiscovered.

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