Understand and Evaluate

Thoughtful discovery and meticulous planning are the backbones of a successful mission. The discovery process ensures we’re solving the right problems. A well-researched and articulated plan establishes clear goals and milestones, mobilizes resources, reduces uncertainty, and mitigates risk to protect your mission objectives.

Planning + Discovery Services

  • Strategy definition

    Build a complete review of your business objectives, performance trends, product lines, and customer needs to design a comprehensive product strategy

  • Market analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Data intelligence

  • User group / focus group creation

  • Architectural analysis

  • Interaction design

  • Roadmapping

  • ROI analysis

"Sedera, the industry leader in medical cost sharing, strategically partnered with Altus Nova to create the first fintech platform that coordinates member-to-member needs sharing in real-time through individual member bank accounts. The platform was meticulously engineered to prioritize security, privacy and transparency in unparalleled ways. Altus Nova's exceptional team and unmatched expertise enabled Sedera to define an effective product roadmap and execute against aggressive deadlines. They are a truly one of a kind, refreshing and valuable software development partner."

Jerry BowermanCTO, Sedera, Inc.


Our team’s versatility and experience helps you create astonishing solutions

Form and function are united through iterative development phases, each released to market to validate plan concepts. Once completed, the Develop phase results in a proven software product that serves your mission objectives.

Development Services

  • Experience/ UI design

    Leverage UX designers to evolve low-fidelity wireframes into beautiful, engaging high-fidelity designs that illustrate your vision and our development plan

  • API development

  • eCommerce implementations

  • Custom PWA development

  • Native app development

  • Data infrastructure

  • Cloud migration

  • Application re-engineering

  • Cloud-based infrastucture

“As the leading remote facility management solution provider for fortune 1000 companies, FSG needed a team that was rigorous about design, documentation, and process reliability to take over certain components of our roadmap, then define, develop, and integrate them into our existing tech stack - all while maintaining the level of quality we expect from our internal engineers. With Altus Nova's help, we were able to efficiently launch two new critical enterprise software modules in our roadmap. More importantly, when the solutions were transitioned to our engineers, the hand-off was seamless.”

Justin McCulloughCPO, Facility Solutions Group


Built to last, a team that can adapt and grow

Mission success goes beyond launch. Success demands a sustained focus on continuous improvement and optimization in order to generate lasting value for your customers and your business.

Production Support Services

  • Infrastructure automation

    Establish a reliable delivery pipeline integrated with automation tools and improved workflows to minimize deployment errors and streamline release processes

  • Test automation

  • Monitoring

  • Security

  • Support

  • Strategic CX

“We should have hired Altus Nova on day one. Despite a nice front-end user experience, our backend faced constant stability and performance issues. Altus Nova was able to completely rewrite our back end in 3 months, addressing the security, scalability, and reliability issues while salvaging nearly the entire frontend.”

Adam MckinstrieCOO, AngelSpan